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Testing Services

Testing Services

We provide testing services in the field of mechanical,chemical,corrosion and metallography of the materials for the diversified industrial application

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Testing Services

All testing equipment at our site are calibrated and maintained for accuracy and precision; intermediate quality checks are there for the equipment installed. We offer products, processes, systems, and services that our customers can rely on as transparent, accurate, and unbiased.



Mechanical Testing

YEC offers mechanical testing of materials that cater to the market requirement for fast services and reliable results. We follow IS, ISO, ASME & ASTM standards for the testing of materials.

Chemical Testing

We are conducting the chemical testing for our clients to assure them of the quality of material they are buying from the various vendors, we are also providing the services of failure analysis by conducting the chemical, metallography and mechanical testing all together.

Corrosion Testing

Corrosion occurs when the material of an article reacts with the environment, damaging the quality and shortening the life of the article. Corrosion severity is influenced by a variety of factors, among which are environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, chemical composition, etc.

Metallography Testing

To determine the macro and micro scale visual characteristics of a material using metallographic testing, YEC uses standardized test methods. The information can be analyzed by a dedicated team to determine the material’s current condition.

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