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Inspection Services

We have a portable 3D scanner that can be used at sites for scanning the various components and then creating a 3D model which is printable and can be easily fabricated. For the accuracy of the machined and 3D printed components, we have our own in-house latest metrology equipment (CMM, VMM, etc.). This equipment provides inspection results that are highly accurate and precise; our workforce related to these activities has extensive experience in this field. 

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Inspection Services

Our reverse engineering service creates digital 3D files from physical objects. As part of YEC’s 3D Reverse Engineering Services, we utilize a wide variety of metrology devices and hardware. In addition, we have a team of experts who have years of experience in the field. A full range of easy-to-understand reports are generated for both 2D & 3D inspections. In order to provide complete surface color-deviation maps and GD&T inspections, YEC’s measurement systems deliver full-field scan data with sufficiently high resolution. Our CMM measurement services cover a range of components and parts – from measurements on a single part to measurements on large batches of components. Providing accurate measurement data is our goal using best-in-class CMM machines.


Digitally capturing a physical object and creating a 3D digital file is known as reverse engineering. With years of experience in 3D Reverse Engineering Services, YEC utilizes a wide range of metrology equipment and hardware to convert a physical object into a digital file. With YEC, you can review both 2D & 3D detailed inspection reports in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand way. With our team’s measurement systems, we can produce complete surface color-deviation maps, as well as GD&T inspections, with a large field of view and sufficient resolution. We provide specialized CMM measurement services on a wide variety of parts and components – from individuals to large batches. CMM machines of the highest quality are used to ensure accurate measurements. CMM machines are better at repeatably measuring parts than traditional methods because of their speed and accuracy



3D Inspection

We have a portable 3D scanner that can be used at sites for scanning the various components and then creating a 3D model which is printable and can be easily fabricated. 

CMM Inspection

The CMM machine is faster and more accurate than the conventional approach at repeatably measuring components. Additionally, it boosts output while decreasing the likelihood of measurement mistakes. 

VMM Inspection

Using VMM present at YEC, we are measuring the geometrical and physical dimensions of any kind of component with a magnifying range of 30x-180x.

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