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Yamunanagar Engineering Cluster PVT Ltd. (YEC) has been established under the MSE – CDP Scheme of the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India with financial assistance from Govt. of Haryana. YEC, a private limited company, provides services and solutions to day-to-day engineering problems. We specialize in offering our clients a tailored service at an affordable price. We provide services like testing of materials, precision machining, reverse engineering, and robotic welding to our clients.

All equipment on our site is wholly calibrated and maintained for accuracy and precision intermediate quality checks are there for the equipment installed. We offer products, processes, systems, and services that our customers can rely on as transparent, accurate, and unbiased. As a reverse engineering facility, we have the latest state of the art SLA based 3D printing technology installed at our premises; along with it, we have a portable 3D scanner that can be used at sites for scanning the various components and then creating a 3D model that is printable and can be easily fabricated. We have our own in-house latest metrology room for the accuracy of the machined and 3D printed components.

We have coordinate and vision measuring machines. These machines provide inspection results that are highly accurate and precise; our workforce related to these activities has extensive experience in this field. We have the latest CNC machines installed at our premises which can accommodate a vast range (100mm diameter to 2500mm diameter) of sizes for various machining operations like turning, milling, boring, etc. Using these CNC machines, we are meeting the increasing speed of the target market. We help our customers understand and meet the demands of the marketplace through our consulting, testing, and various state-of-the-art services (reverse engineering, robotic welding, prototyping, and inspection) in different industrial sectors.

Our Mission.....

At YEC, our mission is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through innovative solutions in Additive Manufacturing, precision engineering in our Tool Room, and excellence in material testing as an NABL Accredited Laboratory. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services and products that meet the evolving needs of our customers while adhering to the strictest standards of accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

Our Vision.....

Our vision at YEC is to be the first choice for our customers for various engineering services, innovation, precision, and commitment to quality. We aspire to transform the future of manufacturing and engineering through our specialized services in Additive Manufacturing, state-of-the-art Tool Room solutions, and unparalleled material testing capabilities as a NABL Accredited Laboratory.


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Technical Competency

Technical Competency

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Competitive Pricing

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